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Getting SEO Clients – Cold Calling

How to get SEO Clients by Cold Calling

Before I tell you my exact methods of closing SEO clients and give you the exact sales script I use to close all my SEO clients.

I’m first going to don’t have to even know how to do SEO to sell it. There are many agencies you can outsource your SEO work to.  I’ll Include some of these agencies as well as some other exclusive tips only found in my white paper.

Getting SEO Leads

Getting your lead list. There are a few methods you can use to generate good SEO leads that are well qualified.

1. Find people that are advertising in the wrong places –

Use your mobile phone to google a service related  industry in another city and state. For example if you live in Washington DC  search google for  Los Angeles Plumber. You will find that someone from your local area has messed up on their adwords (usually by using adwords express).

When you see an ad like this this means that their ad campaign is very generic. And they are probably targeting the keyword “plumber” this is an amateur mistake.

When calling explain to the client that you were looking for a plumber for your rental in Los Angeles that has sprung a leak. But you couldn’t help to notice that the ad’s he’s running are targeting anyone in Washington DC (and probably any other location) for a plumber. This is resulting in wasted ad budget and irrelevant clicks.

Explain to the prospective client that you just called to let them know and the real reason you took the time out of your day to tell them about the small costly error, is that you work with a digital agency that helps small businesses achieve high rankings on google and increase positive ROI,

Get the clients email address, create them a site report using something like mysiteauditor.com you can get a free trail of my site auditor but we use this software inhouse and pay for it monthly and it more than pays it self off.

Best CRMBest Auto Diler

2. Generate Great Phone Lead Lists With Sales Genie –

Sales genie lets you export 150 leads on their free trial. You can target exact company positions as well as a lot of other metrics with this system and pull direct phone number of the person you need to get in contact with, and load them into an auto-dialer like phoneburner.

From there just go off the script you create. Always try to get and email and follow up with the customer. I keep all my contacts in my CRM Base, but sales genie has integration with Salesforce which is an industry leader in the CRM industry, but also comes with a heft price tag. Base works fine for us and allows us to email txt and call clients directly via the CRM, passively saving our activity.

And remember… they are going to forget half of what you said to them in the first 5 minutes.  Creating a site audit and informing the client of exactly what you would change to get started may be giving away some of your secrets however, most people lack the capacity to make the changes, or are just to busy and that’s where your agency comes in to save the day.

3. Email Scraping For SEO Leads-

Sending targeted email campaigns to your prospective clients is one of the best way to get to the good ones. Including a free site audit in the email is great for lead generation. If your looking for a great tool to scrape emails you can download scrapebox for a one timefee of $93 which is incredibly cheap.  Here is a link to the YouTube video of how to use Scrapebox to scrape email addresses.

After you have these leads import them into a mass email program such as Mailchimp, Awebber, or Constant Contact.

Mailchimp offers you up to 2,000 email list subscribers for free.  Create an amazing email template that is targeted to your audience. You will get better results by curating a custom email and spending an hour or so to make it perfect, then you will by mass emailing with something generic like “We provide SEO services do you need them” Below is an example of  a bad email.

Here is an example of a good targeted email:

The button in the link above takes you to a MySiteAuditor from where the user can run a report.

Just to show you how good of an open rate I got off this email campaign. Here are the metrics to show you that it works.

How to close a sale after a SEO report is run.

After you have someone request an SEO report you need to schedule a time to speak to the person about their report. You can get results by cold calling them after the report is generate, however it’s best to set aside a block of time to do a webinar or screen share session so you can explain exactly what the report means and how your agency can improve their rankings in google. This is a great time to ask the following questions.

But first let them know that you think you can increase traffic 500% by doing SEO and ranking them in google.

  1. Have you ever hired a SEO company or digital marketing company before?
  2. How are you currently marketing your business?
  3. If I could increase your traffic by half the amount I stated would it be worth it to you to invest in yourself?

One key point I would like to point out, is that you don’t have to know everything about SEO to sell it. You just need to know more than the person you’re talking to and make them like you. The person liking you and trusting you goes miles in the sales process. However it doesn’t hurt to have a few case studies that you can reference that are actually ranking on page one of google.  



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