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A Targeted Landing Page Makes A World Of Difference – Conversion Optimisation

The Importance Of Targeted Landing Pages To Increase AdWords Conversions

Search Engine Optimization and Pay per Click advertising have been ruling the world of digital marketing for quite some time now. These are the two most powerful tools for online advertising. However, the effectiveness of both these strategies to a large extent is determined by the landing page.

When a viewer or a potential customer visits your online campaign, he or she is going to be led to the main content via the landing page. The key is to make use of SEO or PPC as a tool to direct the customers to the content. But the work does not end there. The potential customer needs to be converted as a lead or result in a sale. Thus, targeted landing pages are important to run a successful online advertising campaign.

This is when LPO or Landing Page Optimization comes into the picture. Landing page optimization ensures that landing pages can convert the traffic to sales. Else, it would not be wise to engage your resources in a page that does not convert leads into clients.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into this and see how a landing page helps your advertising campaign and increases AdWords conversions.

  1. More conversions

This is the first and the most important advantage of landing page optimization. It effectively increases the chances of converting site traffic into valuable clients. Besides, higher the number of conversions, the higher would be your sales.

  1. Better metrics

Working on your targeted landing pages can give you better metrics about your website. It basically gives you the opportunity to integrate and collate data from the landing page regarding the analytics and metrics of the traffic recorded and the sales generated. This puts you in a better position to analyze your landing page and conversion records. For instance, if you learn from the metrics that there are more bounces happening than conversion, then you can reassess your page to customize it better for your users.

  1. Focus on keywords

The main idea behind search engine optimization is to include more keywords and focus terms in your content such that your site ranks high in searches. This is one of the basics of digital advertising. However, there are certain keyword-centric phrases that become difficult to be incorporated. Thus, these can be put together on the landing page. This has two advantages. Firstly, it keeps your main content clean and smooth and also helps your site have a high SEO ranking.

  1. Builds a reputation

There is one thing to be borne in mind here. A landing page is a platform where your customers or potential leads first reach your website. As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression. Thus, it is essential to impress the leads here. Having the right content with proper contact details and the appropriate credentials will help the visitors realize that they are working with the right company for their needs.

  1. Cost effective

Finally, landing page optimization is far more cost effective as compared to the other forms of advertising. It involves a more efficient use of resources and thus produces good results at low prices.

We’re sure, by now you would be convinced of the importance of landing page optimization. But, what makes a landing page optimized? Let’s find out.

Creating Optimized Landing Pages To Increase AdWords Conversions

Now that we understand the importance of a targeted landing page, let us now see how to optimize it. The key components here include a set of tools that are put to use by landing pages.

  1. An effective headline

The landing page is good only when the headline works for you. It should have a right combination of AdWords such that the visitors are attracted to your content.

  1. Smooth design

In order to convert your site traffic to sales, it is highly recommended to have a landing page that has a smooth and compact design which is consistent with your website’s content.

  1. User-friendliness

The key to keeping the visitors attracted to your site is to keep the whole design user-friendly. This will ensure that the users feel comfortable while navigating through the content and are encouraged to check the rest of the site.

  1. Call to action

No online advertisement is complete without a Call to Action. This is not only essential in order to keep your users engaged, but it also plays a vital role in directing conversions.

Your Turn

It is highly recommended to focus on the above-mentioned factors and optimize your landing page in order to fetch more traffic on your site. And it doesn’t end there; this will lead to better conversion rates. With the correct content, precise design and call-to-action button, you are all set to direct the potential client to the main website.

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